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w3cschools imcompatability / preference

Guest ArmEagle

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Guest ArmEagle

I have always used this site as reference when messing around in my html. Combined with php.net and mysql.org this was all i needed.Today I decided to give XML stuff a try; XML, XSL(T), perhaps some simply AJAX steps.The site says Firefox etc support XSLT. But when I try to follow the tutorial it ends quickly.Only clients and webservers running on Microsoft Windows are supported, since some MS objects have to be used.This is partly a complaint on w3cschools for having preference for Microsoft products, leaving linux/mac osx users out in the dark.But I also wonder what W3C was thinking when defining the XSLT (and other) standards.Now for client side XSLT different basic steps are needed for every browser.Sure, XML and XSL are strictly defined, but the way to use them is completely open.Why not specify that specific general objects are to be used instead of a call to 'ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM")'?Am i the only one thinking this or am I ignorant and missing a point. (After all I just started looking into this)

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