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PHP MYSQL conditional statment


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I amreally new to php and the tutorial on this site are great but you guys that go out of your way to help the simple guys like my self is even greater.I would like some guidance to teh followingI have a textbox wher a user inputs a value "textbox called InfoRequest"then they would click on a caommand button called "Search"the sql issue is SELECT Name,Status,State,StartDate FROM BusInfo WHERE Name= InfoRequest Boxhow would i make it find the records that have the value the user entered in the InfoRequest textboxyou wonder why i am asking this under PHP, well because at the same time i need to have a conditional if statment.If record foundthen pretty much show the recordselsewould go to an error page called NotFound.phpexcuse my simple knoweldge, i am learning and without you guys i would not even know that i can do these things with mysql and php.

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