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Sliced Image Layout Problems

Guest fishbones99

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Guest fishbones99

My website is www.fishbones99.com. I just started working on it the other day, made the layout in photoshop, sliced it, and let photoshop give me the html to put it together. I want to change the table so instead of having an image in each <td>, each <td> is assigned a class and given a background through my stylesheet (Example below). This way images won't be highlighted when you try to select something on the page.I switched out most <td>'s to just having their respective images as a background, except my right and left side panels to the layout won't allow me to do that. You can see what images if you Ctrl+A the page. I think it must be an issue with the rowspan of those cells. Any help would be appreciated.

td.linkheader {width: 953px;height: 51px;background: url(http://www.fishbones99.com/images/layout_03.gif);padding: 15px;}

as opposed to just having:

<td class="linkheader"><img src="http://www.fishbones99.com/images/layout_03.gif" /></td>

Thanks in advance.-fishbones99

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