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Installing Php On A Mac

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How did you install php? Did you use a one-click installer like XAMPP? or did you install the individual pieces?
well i went to this link: http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/php/and followed the following instructions. i can restart php by just reinstalling everytime, but that takes like 5 minutes each time. im sure theres another way to do it, im just too new at this to know haha.
1. Download the appropriate installation package from the list above. 2. Unpack the compressed .tar.gz file but DO NOT USE StuffIt Expander, use Appleā€™s BOMArchiveHelper or the command line. 3. Double-click the installer package and follow the directions of the installer application.PHP should now be up and running. You can test it by dropping a file named test.php into your Sites folder in your home directory. Into that file, write this line:<?php phpinfo() ?>.Now open up in your web browser.You should see a status table with information about the PHP module.
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