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Information On Lan, Wan Technologies And Create A Website With Me

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Hi, if you need information on all the LAN and WAN technologies like x.25, Frame Relay, Token Ring...... and there disadvantages and advantages then why dont you check out this website that gives you all thathttp://www.dobsonlearning.co.ukApart from that information,id like to no if anyone is up for creating a website with me in their spare time please let me know. i have a few ideas of what sort of website we can create. i would like to make some profit out of the website. im ideally looking for someone who is good with databases and server side languages e.g. ASPif your interested please reply to this post or add me on msnofferseverywhere@hotmail.co.ukTHANK YOU

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lol one of our classrooms still uses that :)and we still learn about it in IT

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