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Protect My Js And Css Using Php

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For security reason, I want my js and css file can not be shown to anyone or is it possible to encrypt my js and css file using php?Is it possible with php ?If anyone has solution, please help me.Thanks in advance.....
As js and css run client side in the browser they do not have the same security level as a PHP script that runs server side. You can make slightly more secure code if you can include js and css in seperate files rather than directly in your page, but it is still easy to access the files remotely so this is not an ideall solution.
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The difficulty is that Javascript and CSS cannot function in an encrypted form. The browser would not understand them.You might try Googling for a javascript obfuscator. These make javascript difficult for humans to understand, and are a good defense against casual plagiarist.But nothing can stop someone determined to get your code.

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