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Event Object & Clientx Clienty Properties

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So i wrote a script where when a user mouses over a link, it shows a layer and the layer moves according to where the mouse is. Now this works fine in IE and Safari, but in FF, it only shows and hides the layer and FF spits an error saying 'event is not defined' on line 22. However, when you use "event" as an argument for 'moveLayer(event)', it works fine in all 3 browsers. Does anyone know why?

<html><head><style>#lay1 {border: 1px black solid;position:relative;top:200px;left:150px;z-index:1;background-color:red;width:100px;visibility:hidden;padding:5px;margin:5px;}</style><script type="text/javascript">function moveLayer(){  x=event.clientX;  y=event.clientY;  document.getElementById('lay1').style.top = y + 15 + "px";  document.getElementById('lay1').style.left = x - 50 + "px";}function layerVis(value) {document.getElementById('lay1').style.visibility=value;}</script></head><body><div id="lay1">hello world</div><center><a href="#" onMouseOver="layerVis('visible');" onMouseMove="moveLayer();" onMouseOut="layerVis('hidden');">LINK 1</a></center></body></html>

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IE and everyone else have always used a different event model. The IE model makes all events available globally in window.event. The Firefox model, in which the event is initially available only to the object it's triggered on (and so must be passed to other functions as an argument), is "correct." I guess Safari decided to go both ways, and Firefox is sticking to the standard.

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To get it working in Firefox, you can modify your code like so:

function moveLayer(e){  e = e || window.event;  x=e.clientX;  y=e.clientY;  document.getElementById('lay1').style.top = y + 15 + "px";  document.getElementById('lay1').style.left = x - 50 + "px";}


<a href="#" onmouseover="layerVis('visible');" onmousemove="moveLayer(event);" onmouseout="layerVis('hidden');">LINK 1</a>

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