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Okay, Do What You Will...

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Hi RockyI agree with Synook. The font for the menu is to thick. Try something like Monotype Corsiva.On the subject of fonts I also think the main text needs more of an edge. Maybe Times New Roman?You have a really nice and classy background for the left menu (leftcontent) and it goes well with the background color of the main content (rightcontent).Do you have a similar background you could use for the title (header)? I think the texture goes really well with it. Maybe you could make the header the same color it is now, but have the texture of the left menu?The purple color seems misplaced...You could keep the font of the title, since, but maybe at a gold sheen to it (if you get really fancy)?Just my 2 centsEnthusiastic Student

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I have no idea what your font looks like, because I'm on a Mac and I don't have your first three fonts. I do have Comic Sans MS, but you wrote "comic sans MS", which is not the same, and anyway it seems like a silly choice for a vineyard.

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