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DTD attribute name - can it be a wildcard?

Guest nla

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I have the following xml where the attributes for <onReturn> can have any name.Is it possible to have a proper DTD for this? As far as I can see I must specify an attribute name but these are not known at the time of writing the DTD. <result id='INVOKE_RESULT'> <onReturn RESULT1="A">THIS IS 1A</onReturn> <onReturn RESULT1="B">THIS IS 1B</onReturn> <onReturn RESULT2="C">THIS IS 2C</onReturn> <onReturn RESULT3="D">THIS IS 3D</onReturn> </result>I am hoping for some syntax that will allow me to have a wildcard (something like the following) <!ELEMENT onReturn (#PCDATA)> <!ATTLIST onReturn * NMTOKEN #IMPLIED>

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