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On Click: If/then


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Fist off, I'm new to JavaScript, but I have done HTML/CSS for a while. I am creating a random Pokémon generator, and I'm trying to make a menu with a JS effect. The links are supposed to go to a certain part of my site, but if the checkbox on the right is selected, it it supposed to go to a different set of links. Like I said, I'm new to JS and would like it if someone could tell me what I'm doing wrong here.The HTML page (relevant part below)

	<div id="navbar"><ul><li style="margin: 0 8px; cursor: default;">Generate: </li><li><a href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/pokemon/" id="any">Any Pokémon</a></li><li><a href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/oupokemon/" id="ou">OU Pokémon</a></li><li style="margin: 0 10px; font-size: x-small;"><input type="checkbox" id="nature" onclick="changeurl()" value="With natures?" style="vertical-align:middle" /><label for="nature">  With natures?</label></li></ul>	</div>

JS file:

function changeurl() {if (document.getElementById("nature").checked == true){document.getElementById('any').href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/pokenature/";document.getElementById('ou').href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/ounature/";}else {document.getElementById('any').href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/pokemon/";document.getElementById('ou').href="http://randompokemon.50webs.com/oupokemon/";}}

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Thanks, I changed that, but it still doesn't seem to work. I feel like the following is a problem, but because I'm so new to JavaScript, I can't tell:

{  content part 1 { part 2 }   back to part 1  }

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