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Sql Sum Problem

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i've got a mysql table images with a field id, game_id, datum (time in dutch), aantal (amount in dutch) and some more field, but those not mater right nowinside the table i will save the time and game_id of the images and how much there are uploaded, the images names are not saved inside the database. i will pick those out of the maps on the server.now i want to select the last 10 images for example. The idee was that i just needed to calculate the SUM of aantal until i've hit the 10.this can be in 1 record or in 7 records.

SELECT SUM(aantal) as b FROM `images` WHERE game_id = 10020 AND b > 10

now i want to create a query like that but im not sure how?does anybody here has an idee?running a query with LIMIT 1 record and then with LIMIT 2 (+1) until the limit is reached is not really a solution.. thats not nice

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select id, game_id, datum, aantalfrom imagesorder by datum desclimit 10

I don't know whether I've understood your request, is this the solution?regardsstefano De Boni

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