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Try learning how to use php's mail() function. You'll also need to use the post() get() or request() functions to get hold of the information the user has input and put it into the email. As aspnetguy says - you need to use a server side script which you will embed on the page the action attribute of the form sends the user to. If you don't know any server side scripting languages you could try using a free script such as this http://www.tele-pro.co.uk/scripts/contact_form/You would need to add a second mail function to the above to send the confirmation email to the user. However this may not be neccesary as the above script leaves the user on a page which confirms that the email has been sent anyway. I'm not sure there is really any point in sending the user an email to confirm the email has been sent even if it didn't do that, as all it could ever do is confirm it had been sent - it can never confirm whether or not it was received which is what I think you really want to do!

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