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How Can You Generate Html Based Upon Php Code?


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Is it possible to have PHP scripting activate HTML code based on certain conditions?For instance, say I wanted a web page to display a certain picture based upon a variable contained in a file.In my case, I want to display a picture that conveys information about the weather outside. If the wind is currently blowing to the east, I want to display a picture that indicates the wind is blowing to the east.I am reading my weather data from a file, and storing that informations in variables to be displayed in a table. But the problem is that the only interaction I know of between php and my html code is the ECHO function.For instance to display the current temperature in a web page table cell, all I have to do is:<td><?php echo "$myweatherarray[1]" ?></td>but how do I display a picture with html code based upon a variable? As far as I am aware of, this is against the rules.example:<?php if ($myweatherarray[1] > 34) <img src = "pictureofwindblowing.bmp">;else <img src = "pictureofcalmwind.bmp">;?>How can I display HTML code inside of a php block? Is this possible?

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