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php code for library mgt.


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i am new to php scripting and we have to mini project on library management.we have created html pages and only 5 days left to submit the project.please send php code for library mgt.in our project teachers and students can take books ,libstaff accesses the database.we have following tables:students(sid,sname,sclass,staffid,demand)book(bookid,author,title,tid,sid)libstaff(staffname,staffid,issuedate)teacher(tid,dept,tname)returnbk1(staffid,bookid,accessno,returndate)issuebk1(bookid,staffid,issuedate,fine,what_to_do*)*what_to_do:this is to tell whether u want to return, renew or issue a new bkreturnbk2(bookid,staffid,accessno)issuebk2(tid,staffid,issuedate2)hope u will do the needfullplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz !!!!!! DO REPLY

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