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My web Project www.worldhealthissues.eu is reshaped, but still a long way to go. I tried to find templates for a CSS HTML menu. I found Opencube Quickmenu Generator. I tried and it never warned me when and what to buy or where is the 'free' limit. When I put my page on-line it changed the "Home" entry to a "By Now" Item. I think that is unfair after all that effort. What are my options. Can I get rid of the Buy Now Intruder? (I am not buying a 150 $ software to make a personal homepage with my old retired friends), Can I find a similar tempate which I can modify? Is there a open source .org for this kind of applications? I use phpBB for my attached bulletin board, and boy, that is great and free. Giving credit is no problem, but having me design for 3 day to them Hijack the thing when online is Wall Street ready! Best regards and thanks for a hint.Peter

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