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EDITEDFOUND THE PROBLEMTurns out hitting F12 in Macromedia doesn't want to run on the testing server (local host) like it was set-up to do :)UN-EDITEDRight this is driving me mad and i can't work out why it's doing itI have one page which calls all the frames However the problem lies with the other frames (which contain php) The PHP part such as <?php echo "Hello"; ?> Doesn't show on the webpage,however if you view the source code it's viewable but even with the <?php & ?> and i can't work out the reason why but i know it's something simpleDesktop.php

<html><frameset rows="100,*">	<frame src="header.php">	<frameset cols="180,*">		<frame src="menu.php">		<frame src="welcome.php" name="showframe">	</frameset></frameset></html>



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PHP code only gets executed when you run it through a web server that supports PHP. It sounds like you're not doing that.
Your right, It was a Macromedia Error Turns out even trying to close a tree branch in the sidemenu it closes the wrong branch. this is totaly out of the blue thinking a re-install of Macromedia, Thanks For your help JustSomeGuy :)
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