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Problem With Php

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Okay--so i've been working on a PHP login script (and i know its probably not secure, doesnt need to be). however i'm just now getting an error from it.heres the login codeheres the error code

<?php require("i_nc/functions.php"); if ((!isset($_GET["user"])) && (!isset($_GET["pass"])) ) {  redirect("index.php","Security Check : Hacker Attempt"); exit; } $user=$_GET["user"]; $pass=$_GET["pass"]; $fp=fopen("i_nc/users.db","r"); $userdata=array(); $redirect=""; while (($userdata = fgetcsv($fp, 1000, ",")) !== FALSE) {   if (($userdata[0]==$user) && ($userdata[1]==$pass))   { $redirect=$userdata[2]; } } fclose($fp); if ($redirect=="") {   redirect("index.php","Security Check : Fail"); } else {   setcookie("user",$user,time()+3600,"/");   setcookie("pass",$pass,time()+3600,"/");   redirect($redirect,"Security Check : Success"); } exit;?><html><head><title>Security check</title></head><body><pre> User entered : <?php print ($user . "/" . $pass)  if ($redirect<>"") {print("OK -> ".$redirect); } else {print("KO -> index"); } for ($i=0;$i<count($userdata);$i++) {  print($userdata[0] . "|" . $userdata[1] . "|" . $userdata[2] . "\n" ); }?></pre></body></html>

 User entered : "") {print("OK -> ".$redirect); } else {print("KO -> index"); } for ($i=0;$i

i realize its probably something stupid i've done, but hey... i cant figure it out lol

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Actually, you have a few mistakes:<?phpprint ($user . "/" . $pass); // missing semi-colon on this lineif ($redirect!="") {print("OK -> ".$redirect); } else {print("KO -> index"); } // I believe "<>" is not a PHP operator, != is the PHP equivalentfor ($i=0;$i<count($userdata);$i++){ print($userdata[0] . "|" . $userdata[1] . "|" . $userdata[2] . "\n" ); // I'm not sure what the loop is for if you're printing the same thing on each iteration}?>EditDo you usually program in ASP or Visual Basic?The <> operator and print command are from that.While print() is valid in PHP, echo is much preferrable, it runs faster.

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