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Hello,It's been a long time since I've posted on the forums but I was wondering what you guys were thinking about web and functionnal testing in general (GUI test, Selenium, Watij...).I know there can be no tutorial on one specific API could that would be stupid, but maybe it'd be interesting to add a page about *edit*automated*edit* web testing in your Web building tutorial, about the basis and the principles behind functionnal testing, how and why etc.This tutorial would be aimed at web applications developers mostly, I think it could be interesting.What does everyone think ?Cheers.

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Functional testing, unit testing, integration testing, usability testing etc are more along the lines of software engineering, I don't think they're trying to teach the entire discipline. Sure, it would be great if people cared about doing those things, but the reality is that most of the time people starting out writing web applications don't even bother to check for errors, let alone do any sort of rigorous testing.

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