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Resizeable Comment Box Size

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I was browsing around and noticed some sites with comments have a resizable background image comment box, how do you do it?For example:bam.jpgThe white box with round edges it's something like what I'm trying to do (a comics baloon) but I don't have a clue on how to (besides using multiple images with dif. sizes and maybe checking how many rows the comment has and then display the proper image? I think it's not, there should be something more flexible...).

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Hard to tell from that picture, its a bit blurry.But you can do something quite simple, and give the <p></p> tags that surround the comments a background colour. That way no small or large amount of text will be too small or big, the colour will fill all the background of the text.If you want curvy corners, theres several ways of going about, theres pure CSS options, some use Javascript, some use Javascript libraries, some use images, some use a mixture of all of those.Have a search on Google for 'rounded corners css' and see which one is best suited for your needs. Either way, PHP isnt needed for here, unless your pulling the comments from the database, but thats got nothing to do with how it looks on the page, thats down to simple HTML and CSS.:)

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