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How Do I Force A Linebreak?

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I've made a comment box for my site and someone spammed a reaaaallllyyyy long line, and the comment box "broke".I'm using the sliding doors tech, with a 1600w long pic, but what's annoying is that no matter if I set a fixed width or not on FF the comment will just go out of the box (but the box will remain at max-width set) while on IE it'll break no matter what width/max-width I set.Is there a PHP command to force a linebreak from a SQL data?Quick Edit: I'm not asking about \n, but something that would help me prevent comments like that from "breaking" the box and messing the site's layoutQuick Edit2: Found, after some hours (and just after I gave up and resorted to the forums :)) the wordwrap($string, $maxchars) command.

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You can use the wordwrap() function on the information extracted from the database. It will add a line break to a string at a defined amount of characters.There are other ways to do it, like regular expressions or algorithms using strlen() or many other things.

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