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Convert Dot File To Xml

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What is a .dot file? What does it contain? In what kind of an XML file you want it (after all, XML can take many forms)?

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Well then, that's a huge format...There's WebDot, which can translate .dot files to SVG. SVG is an XML based format, so that's a good place to start from. The conversion to HTML is practically impossible - you're better of using either the SVG image (for browsers that can display it) or use WebDot to generate a PNG image (supported in all modern browsers). For converting to Excel... I'm not sure if such graphics can be mapped to Excel (Excel uses tables, and these graphics uses hierarchies), but if you have an idea as to what maps where, you can use PHP. With it, you can read the SVG graphic with DOM, and use the COM class to create a new Excel spreadsheet and write to it accordingly.

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