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Does Css Have Certain Background Requirements?


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body {background-image: url('/Images/BGGrad.png'); }#container {background-image: url('/Images/BGGrad.png');}#header {background-image: url('/Images/BGGrad.png');}td.button {background-image: url('/Images/ButtonBarGrad.png');}span.buttonspan {color: white;font-size: 20;}td.button:hover {background-image: url('/Images/BGGrad.png');}#news {background-image: url('/Images/NewsBGGrad.png');}/* Footer Links */a.footer :link {color: red;}a.footer:hover {color: yellow;}a.footer:active {color: purple;}

That is my code, but apparently after I updated this part-td.button {background-image: url('/Images/ButtonBarGrad.png');}it still didn't change

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