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If i have a code like the following, how would i begin it. Is there somebody who could help me please or just show some guidance?Create a class named Eggs. It's main() method holds an integer variable named numberOfEggs to which you will assign a value. Create a method to which you pass numberOfEggs. The method displays the eggs in dozens; for example, 50 eggs is four full dozen (with two eggs remaining)

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Could this help:

public class Eggs{    //some field members here    private int amount;    ...    public Eggs()    {        //constructor of the class        //initialise field members here        //ie. give them a default value        this.amount = 0;    }    public void setAmount(int newAmount)    {        this.amount = newAmount;    }    public int getAmountInDozens()    {        return (int) Math.floor(this.amount / 12);    }    public static void main(String[] args)    {        Eggs eggs = new Eggs();        eggs.setAmount(50);        System.out.println(eggs.getAmountInDozens());    }}

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