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What Is The Reason For All These Errors?

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Hi, I have a wordpress blog that I'm trying to stylize, but things aren't working out... and I think it may be because I have too many errors when I validate the url. Here is the url:http://www.healthnutsradio.com/newsletter_archives/I am thinking that I need to declare a DOCTYPE in some of my php includes? I am a newbie, so any help is very much appreciated!!! :)

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You don't need a doctype in include files, the entire page only needs 1 doctype regardless of how many include files you use to build it. Most of those errors are regular XHTML validation errors. If you change the page to HTML 4 instead of XHTML it will get rid of a lot of those errors, the code you're using looks more like HTML than XHTML. If you want clarification on a specific error, copy and paste the error message you want help with.

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