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Best Way To Create A Drop-down Menu?


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I'm working on a website in which there will be a lot of different pages - so I'm thinking that a traditional side menu isn't quite going to cut it (although, it'll have to do if this is too hard).I'm really quite inexperienced with all these web languages, but I'm doing ok just reading a ton of tutorials and using this site to see exactly how commands work (HTML and PHP right now).So - what I'm wondering is - what's the easiest and most effective way to create some sort of drop-down menu? I want to just have a horizontal menu with drop down options like you'd see on UFC.com, NFL.com, NHL.com, NBA.com etc, etc. I've looked into Javascript, since that's what they seem to be - but it looks quite confusing.I also want to ask - I use NoScript, which means Javascript shouldn't run unless I allow it... However the drop-down menus on all those sites that I listed (minus the UFC site) seem to still work when I haven't allowed scripts to run on that site, is that some sort of backup menu they're using? I'm curious how that would work.I'm not looking for anything fancy, I just want to keep my page clean - and I think that having a drop-down menu is my best option if it's something I can figure out. I'm just not sure which language I should use to attempt creating a fairly simple one (or if Javascript is the only one, even).

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