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Why Are <li> Crossing Over Into My Picture Border?

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I am working on building my e-commerce site, here is the page in question:http://www.healthnutsradio.com/store/produ...productid=16179I am referring to, about half way down the page, an <ol> that has its <li>'s intersecting into my picture's border. Here is a screen shot if you can't see it:pic_padding.jpgIs there like a <clear> style that I can give to the picture in order to get the purple check list moved to the right, separate from the picture?Thanks for your help.

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list-style-position: insideFor the purple list item class works in FF.
Thanks, that worked. However, I refrain from using the inside position because I like my lists to have an indent/sort of space in front of the check mark. If you look at the page now, any list item that has more than 1 line of text has that text aligned with the check mark. I want to have it align with the first line of text.Hopefully that makes sense to someone.... is there any way to do that, while using this inside position?
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