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Hello!The design of the site looks fine in Firefox 3, although the advert on the left is a little distracting. I like the buttons you have made as well.The only thing I think you are missing is a way for a non member to see what it is they are giving out personal info for, for example screenshots of the game, maybe a total of registered users or even features of the gameplay. I can't speak for other people but I will never sign up to something unless I can see exactly what benefit I would get from doing so. Follow the Fiesta advert on your page and see what info they give to a prospective client for example!I know it is a balance with readability and I understand you have chosen blue because of the lake theme but the dark blue background seems a little sober for pokemon. I think of very vibrant colours when I think of pokemon! Maybe you could sample the blue from the pokemon on the register button? I found the disclaimer at the bottom of the site quite funny to read! ^_^ worth having I suppose!Good luck with the site and the game anyway! ^_^b

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It looks fine! The colors are good and the layout is easy to use. However, placing that ad somewhere else would make that design even better!

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