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Undefined Function

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I have an error that varies from browser to browser. This variation is brought about, because the purpose of the code is to retrieve browser information and respond to that information with new information that varies from user to user.Fortunately, all of the errors point to the same source file indicating a recurring pattern -- the syntax or description of my overprompt( ) functions. There are five such functions and they all reside in the following JavaScript file: popUpBoxConfiguration.js.These functions are a combination of code that I found on the jQ_Impromptu plug-in webpage (a jQuery plug-in) and my own creation. What is mine in the following example are1) the name of the function,2) the variable errorMSG, 3) the function assigned to this variable -- namely, loadErrorMessages ( ), and 4) the property assigned to the object created by the loadErrorMessages( ) -- namely, ipvb_approval.The loadErrorMessages( ) function is defined in errorMessages.jsI suspect that the problem lies in my own code. Nevertherless, I am also suspicious of the author's specification of the $.prompt( ) method which is described in jQ_Impromptu-2.5.js at the very top of the document.

function = overprompt3() { 		var errorMSG = loadErrorMessages(); 		var temp = { 				state0: { 						html:errorMSG.ipvb_approval, 						buttons: {Continue: true}, 						focus: 1, 						opacity:0.6, 						submit:function(v,m,f){ 								if(v) { 								return true; 								} 								return false; 						} 				} 		} 		$.prompt(temp); }

SOURCE DOCUMENT: Imagine_PrototypeAny insight would likely be helpful, because I can find nothing wrong.Roddy

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This line:function = overprompt3() {should be this:overprompt3 = function() {
orfunction overprompt3() { . . . }For some reason all of the other, nearly identical functions were properly described. I am lucky I posted this one, or you may have not found the error. Sometimes I feel, so stupid, but I guess this comes with the territory.Many thanks.Roddy
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