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I've been trying to do a simple animation to simulate (only simulate, it doesn't check anything at all) a loading bar after the form is submited.Here's the code:

<form action="myform.php" method="POST" name="form" id="form" onsubmit="return formcheck(this)">Name: <input type="text" style="width:200px;" name="name" id="name" /></form>

And the script:

function formcheck(form){	if(form.name.value == "")	{		alert("Please type your name");		form.name.focus();		return false;	}	else	{		var perc = 0;		var inter;		document.getElementById("body").innerHTML += "<div id=\"message\" class=\"texto\"><p>Please wait while your request is sent... <span id=\"num\">0%</span><br /><div id=\"loader\" style=\"position:relative; width:0%; background-color:teal;\"></div></p></div>";		inter = setInterval(function(){			if(perc < 100)			{				perc++;				document.getElementById("loader").style.width = perc + "%";				document.getElementById("num").innerHTML = perc + "%";			}			else			{				return true;			}		}, 50);	}}

But this doesn't work =(After the animation's complete it just halts (the form action isn't called). Any way so I can get around this?

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Your formcheck function is not returning true, that's why the form is not submitting. If you want to submit the form after the animation ends, get the form object and call its submit method explicitly.

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