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[javascript Tutorial] String Object Methods: General Misrepresentation

Guest HOTmike

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Guest HOTmike

Well, this has bugged me for a long time now, though I've long since figured out what the tutorial meant to say. But in the way-back-when I read what the text said and thought "that's not what I wanna do", and abandoned that method and moved on; lots of time wasted for a newbie because the description stated a likely intended use for the method instread of it's actual function.An example:stringObject.toLowerCase()The toLowerCase() method is used to display a string in lowercase letters.The description is not actually inaccurate, but it misrepresents the method."stringObject.toLowerCase()" displays nothing in itself, even if it may be intended for this use.We, the more experienced javascript coders know exactly what it does, and use it for that purpose. But for a newbie, the description is easily misunderstood.This form of misrepresentation is repeated throughout the String object reference (and quite possibly other places as well), and while it is no longer a problem for myself (as such), it continues to annoy me.Am I the only one who thinks the exact function of such methods is more important than what it was supposed to be used for?

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