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Remove Word Proofing Errors And Merge The Split Up Nodes

Guest Pranati

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Guest Pranati

Hi,I have a WML file.I need to remove the word proofing errors from the file and merge the split up nodes.For eg:The WML file(with word proofing errors on) is as follows:(I have removed few lines of code for convenience)<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><?mso-application progid="Word.Document"?><w:wordDocument xmlns:aml=.......</wsp:rsids></w:docPr><w:body><w:p wsp:rsidR="00FD5EDD" wsp:rsidRDefault="00FD5EDD" wsp:rsidP="00FD5EDD"><w:r><w:t>It are </w:t></w:r><w:proofErr w:type="spellStart"/><w:proofErr w:type="gramStart"/><w:r><w:t>dcoument</w:t></w:r><w:proofErr w:type="spellEnd"/><w:r><w:t> .</w:t></w:r><w:proofErr w:type="gramEnd"/></w:p><w:p wsp:rsidR="00B67D59" wsp:rsidRDefault="0071345A"/><w:sectPr wsp:rsidR......</w:sectPr></w:body></w:wordDocument>My output should look like:(the one we get with word proofing errors off)....<w:p wsp:rsidR="00FD5EDD" wsp:rsidRDefault="00FD5EDD" wsp:rsidP="00FD5EDD"><w:r><w:t>It are dcoument .</w:t></w:r></w:p><w:p wsp:rsidR="00B67D59" wsp:rsidRDefault="003B7608"/>...The WML files should be exactly same(with or without proofing errors introduced)Please help me with this.Thanks,Pranati

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