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In the game everyone can have an ice, or bleeding, or poison attack and such. And I have the script, but I would rather make a function that can handle both the attackers and defenders elemental damage, instead of writing all three scripts twice.

<script type="text/javascript">defender['timer'] = setInterval('defender_hit()', defender['attack_rate'])  // start the timersfunction defender_hit() {attacker['hp']=attacker['hp']-defender['str']; // defender attacks attacker		// ice attack	if (attacker['dex']>0) {	attacker['dex']=attacker['dex']-(defender['ice']/8); // defender decrease attackers dex, slowing him	attacker['attack_rate'] = 5000/attacker['dex'];		 // set the attackers new rate	clearInterval(attacker['timer']);					// clear the attackers old timer			if (attacker['dex']>0)						   // set the attackers new timer		attacker['timer'] = setInterval('attacker_hit()', attacker['attack_rate']);				if (attacker['dex']<3)		  //change status if frozen		attacker['status'] = 'Frozen';	}}</script>

I'd like to have something I could call like this instead:

<script type="text/javascript">function ice_attack(giver,taker) {//ice attack}</script>

But I don't know how I would automatically know whose attributes and timers would need to be changed. What would be great is if I could pass in a variable name in as a variable. Then I could specify when calling the function who's doing what.Like:


Any ideas? Thanks

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Instead of having a defender variable, and an attacker variable, have a characters array that contains whatever characters you have. You can refer to each one by name.

var characters = new Array();characters['attacker'] = {  'hp': 100,  'str': 10,  'ice': 5  ...};characters['defender'] = {  'hp': 100,  'str': 10,  'ice': 5  ...};

You can pass the word "attacker", for example, and look up characters[character_name]. You can just have a generic "attack" function, where you pass the attacker, the defender, and the type of attack.

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So if tom was attacking nick, it would be.. correct me if I'm wrong..

basic_attack(attacker,defender) {	 characters[defender][hp]=characters[defender][hp]-characters[attacker][str];}basic_attack(tom,nick);

Is that how you actually reference the array within the array like you have it?

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If tom and nick are variables, then yeah. Otherwise, you need to quote them if they are strings. The characters array should have elements called "tom" and "nick".
Awesome, I got it working, exactly what I was lookin for. Your great. Btw, I discovered the "onunload" event I was asking you about.
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