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Java Rollovers Not Working...

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I am an entry-level newbie to JavaScript, mainly I only use it for image rollovers. I am revamping my resume website, and having trouble getting these rollovers to work.The page is here: My Resume SiteI am pre-loading the buttons, as seen in this script here: http://mattboehlerresume.com/buttons.phpAnd here is the coding for the rollovers: http://mattboehlerresume.com/menu.phpI've used this coding before, and now is the first time I've had a problem. Will someone please take a moment to look at my coding and give me some advice?Thanks!

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You can do image rollovers using CSS, which means they work if someone has JavaScript turned off (more common than someone having CSS turned off). You just make the images backgrounds for links and then use the a:hover selector, like this:a:link, a:visited {background-image: url(whatever.gif);}a:hover,a:active {background-image:url(somethingElse.gif);}

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