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Javascript Error Only On Ie?


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I am writing a code that will generate the contents of a calendar into a table.For some reason, this code seems to work on all browsers except for IE which gives me an error of:

Line: 41Error: 'this.temp2.firstChild' is null or not an object
Here is the piece of code:
window.onload = constructor1;var cdate = new Date();var cday = cdate.getDate();var cmonth = cdate.getMonth();var cyear = cdate.getFullYear();var Month = cmonth;var Year = cyear;var calendar = document.createElement("table");calendar.id = "calendar";function constructor1(){	var doc = document;	var txtNode = doc.createTextNode("");	//creates the skeleton of the calendar	var tBody = doc.createElement("tbody");	var temp1 = tBody.insertRow(0);	var temp2 = temp1.insertCell(0);	temp2.appendChild(txtNode);	for (var c=6; c--;) temp1.appendChild(temp2.cloneNode(true));	for (var r=5; r--;) tBody.appendChild(temp1.cloneNode(true));	//finds and assigns the date values on the calendar	var cMonth = cmonth;	var cYear = cyear;	var pMonth, pYear;	var daysCMonth = 32 - new Date(cYear, cMonth, 32).getDate();	var counter = [		42 - new Date(cYear, cMonth, 1).getDay() - daysCMonth,		daysCMonth,		32 - new Date((cMonth)?cYear:--cYear, (cMonth)?--cMonth:11, 32).getDate()	];	var i = 0;	for (var r=6; r--;) {		temp1 = tBody.rows[r];		for (var c=7; c--;) {			temp2 = temp1.cells[c];			temp2.firstChild.nodeValue = counter[i]--;	 //<--- line of error			if (i & 1); else temp2.id = "oMonth";			if (counter[i]); else ++i;		}	}	//puts the calendar on the page	calendar.appendChild(tBody);	doc.body.appendChild(calendar);//	doc = txtNode = tBody = cMonth = cYear = daysCMonth = temp1 = temp2 = i = null;}

As far as i know, i haven't use code needs cross browser handling.Unless there is something i have been doing wrong. :)Edit: Nevermind, i found the source of error. It was caused by an IE bug when trying to clone text nodes. IE doesn't clone text nodes that has empty strings so i had to initialize the text node with some values. Really, IE is such a pain specially when it is not following standards. :)

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