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How To Extract?


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hey guys..i wanna extract data from the database and put it in the select column..and also where do i put the codes..is it in a new php file or in editor.php.....but i juz could not figure it out..needing help here..thanks...::::::::::::::::::::::::editor.php:::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::<table border="3"><tr><td style="background-color:#6495ED"><b>Selection Criteria</b></td></tr><tr><td><form action="dbm.php" method="post"> Select a Database Name :</br></br><select><option> </option><option> </option></select><input type="submit" value="Go"/ ></form><form action="dbm2.php" method="post"> Select a Table :</br></br><select><option> </option><option> </option></select><input type="submit" value="Go"/ ></form><form action="dbm3.php" method="post"> Select a search field, then enter a search phrase (enter nothing to retrieve all records) :</br></br><select><option> </option><option> </option></select><select><option> </option><option> </option></select><input type="text" /><input type="submit" value="Result"/></form></td></tr>

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