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Any photographers on here, which would like to talk about photography, please PM me of post here.I got into photography about a week ago, by just messing with my dads camera. I really got to like it and I have started saving up for my own DSLR (I am only 14, so £500 will take me a while to save up. For now I have been taking pictures using my dad's camera and it is so much fun! I recommend it to anyone. Anyway, if you want to talk etc POSTA nice website for competitions:http://www.pxlshots.com/register/?ref=bartoszwozniak

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I got my first slr last June and I've been addicted since. I've always enjoyed photography, but I had no idea that I would enjoy being a photographer so much more. I want to upgrade cameras soon.My website:http://lostvalley-photography.com/

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