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Some Modification In Tutorials

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No doubt,the W3schools' tutorial for languages such as HTML,javascript,PHP etc is the best one..and I have studied HTML and javascript from here...but everytime while studying i felt the need of some questions to clear that concept recently studied..For example:we can include questions like:Q1.Write a program in javascript which takes input a string and print the string after converting it into uppercase..After javascript functionj topic,we can have question like:Q : Write a javascript function which is called when page is loaded and which shows alert box to say page is loading...Even at many times we can convert some examples to question so that learner first try himself and then see the solution..It just makes their mind work to think deeply about the current topic...The tutorial will not losing anything by including the questions but surely it will help many more learners...So please do have concern on this suggestion...Thanx... :)

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