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Dreamweaver Mx Being Stupid


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So I use Dreamweaver because I like the interface and it makes coding easier for me (I don't use design mode at all!). I really like handwriting code and it's FTP inclusion makes uploading files fairly seamless for me. With that aside...I'm kind of picky/anal about my indentation. I like to indent for new divs within container divs or space things out just enough so lines of code don't go off the page. For some reason on this page I'm working on, I have a pretty specific nesting structure for some divs, and no matter how many times I try and tab my divs in and make intentional line break (only by hitting the enter key) Dreamweaver loads the page back up without keeping any of those changes. (yes I made sure to save the file) What gives? Since I only use dreamweaver for coding, I have no idea what preferences it offers and maybe I checked the wrong box by accident or something. Anyone have any ideas?

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