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How Did You Get Started In Web Development And Programming?


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How did you get your start in web development and programming? What made you want to do this? I started programming with C++ in middle school when I was in the seventh grade. I programmed heavily during that year, and then from eight grade to ninth grade I programmed on and off, but managed to learn Visual Basic 6 during that time as well. During the summer following ninth grade, I got my start in web development. I started with HTML and CSS, then moved towards JS and eventually PHP and MySQL. That was last year - now my sophomore year in high school is about to end and this summer I'm planning to learn Java and continue developing dynamic web applications with PHP and MySQL. I find web development really interesting and exciting. What you make is portable to most if not all platforms and you rarely have to worry about portability with libraries such as JQuery.So, what's your story?

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