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Using Iframe To Display Photo Gallery "site" On Page

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OK I've been using MS Expression media to create a photo gallery for my site. Basically I give it a load of photos and it quickly makes a "site" which is the photo gallery.All I have to do is edit the CSS and embedded images to make it fit my pages.I have used the <iframe> tag to embed this photo gallery site into my page as can be seen here:http://topuptents.x10hosting.com/photo_gallery/photos.htmIs this an acceptable way to do this as it seems to work great but I've heard that iframes are bad? If not what is the best way?(and [slightly irrelevant to this post], why is my favicon not displaying? - it works on my local hard drive!)

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I believe that the main reason for iframes to be classed as bad is due to the way content included in them cannot be seen by search engine spiders and therefore can comprimise search engine optimism, however as your iframe only includes pictures i think that it is fine for you to use it.However an alternative method if you want to get rid of your iframe would be to use ajax.Hope this helps.

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