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Drupal - Phpbb ... Just Asking For An Advise


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Hi,I hope that I am posting in the correct and the right forum :).There is something I can not make up my mind for it and I thought to post here asking for an advise from people around here as I do believe that we have many experienced and talented guys around W3Schools forum.I have a website that I need to include many thing within and therefor I need a good CMS plus a forum and a blog and maybe a gallery (this is for the time being).I've goggled a lot for the best or suitable CMS I can depend on and after a lot of reading I've found that Drupal is better (while some and they are too many goes towards Joomla, but Drupal is far better especially for the long run) and this is why I've picked Drupal at the end and dropped Joomla (as I've choose Joomla at the 1st place).This was a brief background about what I want to have. Now regarding the thing I want to make up my mind for, it is that I am a fan of phpBB and really want to use it for the website but the problem I have is the integration with the CMS Drupal as the existing bridges are not good at all and keep broking all the times when any updates take place for Drupal or phpBB.So I am a bit confused about what shall I do, shall I:

  • Using phpBB in a separate database and drop the integration with the CMS so this way users will have two log ins, one for the CMS and another one for the forum
  • Using the core forum module for Drupal with some other modules to add more features for the forum as it is just simple, clean forum.

So please advise for what shall I do, I understand that some may say that it is my problem and should not post something like this, but it is just I am newbie with websites world and may not realize something and other experienced guys know about it.One last thing I've realized that there is a stable bridge for Joomla and phpBB, so while I know that Drupal is better then Joomla but I am still thinking about using Joomla instead to be able to use phpBB.Also does users or visitors for any website(s) care about which tools you are using or it is all about contents and looking or appearance of the website?Thanks for your time reading my post and I hope to know what do you think?

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