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Page Won't Update.

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This is just a general web design question. I don't believe there is a forum for this so I'll post it here.I'm using an ftp client and when I overwrite files sometimes it updates on the website but it usually doesn't. It does usually update on internet explorer but not on firefox and CERTAINLY not on chrome. I'm guessing this is a problem with the cache because the files are successfully updated but they don't take affect on my browser. What should I do about this?

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Try going to a different page deleting all offline data and whatnot using the browsers own functionality. Then go back to your webpage. I have found sometimes the caching will get stuck on firefox. But i use ftp all the time, and I overwrite files all the time, and usually it is one of two things when it doesn't work. Either I need to hit refresh, or sometimes I edited and uploaded a file, only to realize that I was looking at the wrong page in my browser so it never changed. We all have problems like that sometimes, but definitely try clearing your browser's cache, and if it is changing in IE, then you know at least the files are making it to the internet.

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