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I know you usually must use common fonts on your web pages and such so people can access the font on their computer because if you use a font that's not as popular or not installed on a computer unless someone installs it, it will show up as common. I notice websites use fonts that no one has on their computer or are not "common fonts", so how can I view it on my computer if I was to use a font like that it won't show up on anyone elses? Sorry if this is confusing, hope you get it lol

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When displaying a font with CSS, you can list multiple fonts, and you always must end it with a generic type defined in the HTML specification (serif, sans-serif, monospace, fantasy).Examples:

font-family: Verdana,Arial,sans-serif;font-family: Garamond,'Times New Roman',serif;font-family: 'Lucida console','Courier new',monospace;

There are two ways to ensure that a font looks the same for all your viewers:

  1. Use an image file with the text on it.
  2. You can embed fonts into Flash documents, but then your page has to be displayed with Flash.

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