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Does The <body> Have Padding? [fixed]


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I'm making a site that looks like this-http://img229.imageshack.us/img229/622/sitedesign1j.pngA little unoriginal but web 2.0 is still in right? Ha ha :)Anyway, I have the background image set up with the header going repeating on the x-axis. The header content will have the same height to look like it's sitting in there. You'l understand when you see the image. The only problem is, the whole page seems to have a padding on it. How do I get rid of this. I want want to shorten the header height to fit because a lot of stuff has to go in there and I like the design the way it is. I tried absolute positioning and it worked but the div is no longer center aligned.headerpadding.pngAnyone know what to do?

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