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Aligning Text In A Table With Multiple <td>


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Hi, here is a screen shot of my problem:screen-shot2.jpgscreen-shot.jpgI want the text to all align on the same line, the top. Here is my code:

<div class="grid_4">	<img src="/images/v1_1/surechoice/ac_subboxTop.gif" />	<div class="ac_subBox">	<div class="ac_boxtitleBig">Referral Program</div>	<div class="ac_boxsubheadBig">Save your clients time and money</div>	<table>	<tr>	<td width="107">	<img src="/images/v1_1/surechoice/ac_postnote.gif" />	</td>	<td>	<div class="ac_rightimageText">Refer the online alternative to traditional payroll<br /><br /><a href="#">> Learn More</a>	</div>	</td>	</tr>	</table>	</div><img src="/images/v1_1/surechoice/ac_subboxBottom.gif" /></div>

I dont think you need the css, but it can be found here: CSSPlease help, thank you!!

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