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Css/png Transparency Question


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Hi all,I have a query and would be very grateful if someone knew a definate answer. :)Is it possible to take a PNG image, which has a transparency (for the sake of argument, let's say an image of a black triangle with transparency all around) is it possible to make the transparent areas of the image 'non-clickable' For example, using CSS to position say 3 triangles next to each other so that the sloped sides of the 3 triangle are almost touching is it possible to make these 3 triangles hyperlinks without each of them interfering with it's neighbour, due to the transparency when it is clicked?Not sure if that's explained very well, if you need clarification, please do not hesitate to ask.ThanksTheMightySpud

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No, CSS wouldn't have control over that for two reasons:

  1. It does not know what information is inside the file
  2. The behaviour of a link is not something that can be styled with CSS

You'd need to use image maps, which you can study about in the W3Schools Javascript tutorial

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