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Hello,I've been web developing now for almost two years and I don't have a live site up for the public. I'm not using anything like Dreamweaver just hand coding everything. I've learned the XHTML, CSS, javascript, PHP and XML languages well. I've also been working with Ajax, MySQL and RDFa. I don't regret any of it as I believe I could get a job in the very least with a web dev company. Great in this economy. I like it but even with all the tutorials online the learning curve is steep if you want to make a well designed dynamic site of your own. It seems to me that a lot of times people take for granted the simplest of things they were taught when learning to author. It's very hard to find resources/tutorials for these simple things online. This is what I struggle with most. Most tutorials go straight into advanced subjects, though W3C Schools is pretty good as a starting point for beginners. Even they don't cover some of the simplest subjects though.I wonder many times how colleges teach to author, what I might be missing.

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