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Content (include file) changed by link click


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Okay... hope someone out there can help. Not to sure if it can be done through asp, but here it goes. What I'm trying do:I've got an asp file that is being used kind of like a template. The main section is another file that was pulled in using <!-- include file --> to lay it over a background from the template. All looks great at this point... the next step is changing the content in that main section of the content by a link click - so when you click on a link within that included file it removes the include file that's there and includes a different file in that section.Any ideas. Any help would be greatly appreciated

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I think i understood you, Within your .inc file, i believe you can use ASP. If you can, you can use the 'if - else' function.Its really easy. you will need to utilize querystrings also. When you create a link using HTML, write a querystring like this:www.domain.com/file.asp?action=resultThe question mark indicates the beginning of a querystring, the "action" word is the querystring name, and the result is the names value.When im using querystrings to preform an action on a subsequent page, i always use the name "action".The next thing you need to do it edit your .inc file. Within the .inc file, you need to recall your querystring in a if statement. The IF statement will display a peice of code, if the condition is true. other wise it will display a different peice of code:

<% if request.querystring("action")="step_one" then%>step oneYour homepage text can go here, in normal, standard HTMLThis will be displayed if the querystring name "action"'s value is equil to "step_one"<% else %>This will be displayed if the value of "action" is anything other than "step_one".<%end if%>

So, if i access that code above with the querystring: action=step_onethen it will display the text "Your homepage text can go here..." if the querystring is this:action=step_twothen it will display the text "this will be displayed if the value of "action" is anything other than..."So, this is what your end .inc file should look like:

<% if request.querystring("action")="example1" then %>Example One<a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example2">Example two link</a> <a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example3">Example three link</a><% else if request.querystring("action")="example2" then %>Example Two<a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example1">Example one link</a> <a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example3">Example three link</a><% else if request.querystring("action")="example3" then %>Example Three<a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example1">Example one link</a> <a href="http://www.exampledomain.com/index.asp?action=example2">Example two link</a><% end ifend ifend if%>

Using that code, you only need to use one .inc file, which is alot easier to update.IF you want to use a different .inc file for each page, you can use the following code:

index.asp file:<!-- CONTENT START --><% header=request.querystring("header")%><!--#include virtual="<%=header%>"--><!-- CONTENT END -->

Thats your index.asp file. Basically, your index.asp file should have the following querystring attached:index.asp?header=virtual pathThe virtual path is something like: /inc/homepage.incor /inc/page_two.inctherefore, if you wanted to display the homepage inc file, use the querystring:index.asp?header=/inc/homepage.incWithin the ASP file i have included a small script which will change the querystring value into a variable. the variable is called header. The <!--#include virtual="<%=header%>"--> then includes the inc file wrote in the variable. If you want to request a different page, you need to use the follow links:www.yourwebsite.com/index.asp?header=/inc/homepage.incwww.yourwebsite.com/index.asp?header=/inc/page_two.incwww.yourwebsite.com/index.asp?header=/inc/page_three.incwww.yourwebsite.com/index.asp?header=/inc/page_four.incSorry if this is confusing, if you need more help, ill try explain it more clearly

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I find it easier to do this:

<%   dim x   x=request.queryString("x")%>

And this when it's needed in the page:

<%if x="blah"%>   BLAH<%elseif x=null or x=empty%>   BLAH<%else%>   BLAH<%end if%>

I don't mean to be mean, but it hurts my hand if I type to much, so I thought other people might benifit from this.P.S. - So that's what <!--#include virtual=""--> does! I usually just do <!--#include file="include.inc"-->. Looks like I'll be using it in the future.And for safety reasons, 022012, you might want to use the Post method so people can't steal your stuff.

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