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PHPSIMPLEDB is a tool of basic mapping data (ORM for objects relationnal mapping). It makes it possible tomanage several projects in parallel.Used in a project PHP, this tool will allow you to save an invaluable time during your developments.Once your project created, you define the existing relations enter the various tables then Framework occupiesyourselves moreover. Use then the files directly in your application PHP / MYSQL.The project being still rather young, PHPSIMPLEDB presents a purified interface of all options.What makes the solution rather easy of catch in hand.You will find on the official site a technical documentation like a series of tutoriaux allowinghe installation and the catch in fast hand.If you never used ORM during your developments, made the test, the installation and the executionof the tutorial of catch in hand will take only about twenty minutes to you.pochette.jpg Edited by gluk
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