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Z-index Issue


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Hey, all...I'm trying to make a .png overly a table that has images in all cells but one (see: this page)Here's what I'm trying to use to do it, but the table remains in its spot, and the image remains vertically stacked. Basically, I want the heads of the couple to be inside that blank area below the second painting. The table is actually in a page in an iframe, which is much more narrow than a full page, so the table will narrow significantly. Ultimately, the table will be populated dynamically.

<script type="text/css">img{position:fixed;left:0px;top:10px;z-index:-1;}</script></head><body><table align="center" cellspacing="15" width="100%">			<tr>			  <td rowspan="2" align="top">			  <a href="230320545693.html" class="floatbox" rev="width:700 height:510"><img alt="" src="assets/gallery_photos/thumb/230320545693.jpg" /></a></td>			  <td rowspan="2" valign="top">			  <a href="280322518938.html" class="floatbox" rev="width:700 height:510"><img alt="" src="assets/gallery_photos/thumb/280322518938.jpg" /></a></td>			  <td valign="top">			  <a href="180325162114.html" class="floatbox" rev="width:700 height:510"><img alt="" src="assets/gallery_photos/thumb/180325162114.jpg" /></a></td>			  <td rowspan="2" align="top">			  <a href="280303586924.html" class="floatbox" rev="width:700 height:510"><img alt="" src="assets/gallery_photos/thumb/280303586924.jpg" /></a></td>			</tr>			<tr>			  <td valign="top">			  <a href="130287936822.html" class="floatbox" rev="width:700 height:510"><img alt="" src="assets/gallery_photos/thumb/130287936822.jpg" /></a></td>			</tr>			</table><img src="assets/images/couple_in_gallery.png" width="746" height="178" /><body>

Thank you for any assistance you might provide.Adam

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Silly mistake. Thanks.However, now the table basically disappears, moving all the table elements stacked on one another, and they moves with the 'top' attribute.Adam

This CSS is going to force every single <img> element to the top left corner of the page, which I don't think is what you want. Assign a class or ID to the exact image that you want to move.

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